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Goldsmith's at Treasure Park Machine Locations > England

Cornwall Pearl Treasure Park
CORNWALL - Redruth, England, TR16 4HN

Phone: 01209 204 602


Feb 2015 - Been informed the machine has been retired for at least 6 month now. I.T.Hope

The Cornish Goldsmiths is the home of one of Cornwall’s most stunningly beautiful jewellery collections. Based in the main hall of Treasure Park the collection is available to buy or maybe commission your own piece.

Treasure parks is one of Cornwall’s leading 'Free' family holiday attractions. Whether you’re local or a tourist the park hosts an array of great activities and fun things to do for all ages.

Built on the site of the Tolgus Tin Mine and set in stunning grounds, Treasure Park captures the amazing historic Cornish heritage and the glory of the British garden.

Penny Press have sited a Penny Press Factory GEM machine version here, with the self-feed hopper.

Machine and penny details: Each penny costs £1 to roll and has a solid border with Cornish Goldsmiths in text.
1) ... Cornish Goldsmiths at Treasure Park
2) ... DeLorean Car
3) ... Two miners on a buggy
4) ... Aton Martin ....

Machine details uploaded by David Miller

Update: January 15, 2013: The machine is working and is located against the back wall of the building near where the toilets are, to the left of the cafe. Make sure you bring plenty of change. There's no change machine on site.

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