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Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum Machine Locations > England

Chamberlain Square,
WEST MIDLANDS - Birmingham, England, B3 3DH

Phone: 0121 303 1966


The machine is stood where the previous Pennymangle machine was, at the entrance to the round gallery. WestAir have sited a Penny Press Factory mk 4 machine version there. WestAir usually sell millitary models and artifacts to museums. they have branched out with this machine. They are related to UKPennyPress who have machines at the Transport Museum in Glasgow and the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth.

Machine 2 and penny details: Each penny costs £1 to roll and has a solid border.
1) ... Samurai Armour (Samurai Armour text)
2) ... Egyptian Mask (Egyptian Mask Text)
3) ... Gold Piece (Staffordshire Hoard text)
4) ... Penguin (Birmingham Museum text)

Machine 3 details: located near the Staffordshire Hoard Exhibit
Each penny has a solid ring border and Staffordshire Hoard in text
1) ... Pectoral cross
2) ... Sword hilt Design
3) ... Zoomorphic mount
4) ... Minature Gold Dragon

Retired 1, The Pennymangle machine has been removed, the retired designs are.

The penny designs are :-
1) The Bull ( Sculpture in Birmingham's Bullring)
2) A canal boat (the canals have been important in Birmingham's history)
3) A Penguin ( Taken from a painting in the round gallery)
4) Standing Buddah ( an exhibit at the museum).

Machine details uploaded by David Miller

Machine 2

Machine 3

Retired 1