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Intech Science Centre and Planetarium Machine Locations > England

Morn Hill,
HAMPSHIRE - Wiltshire, England, SO21 1HZ

Phone: 01962 863791


3/14/15: Machine is gone. :-(

INTECH is an internationally renowned educational resource centre for science situated in Morn Hill, just outside the city of Winchester. The hands-on exhibition houses over 100 activities. During term time it is used mainly by local schools, while at week ends and holidays it attracts a wider audience. The dome is now a state of the art digital planetarium seating 176.

The machine is in the centre. Penny Press have sited a Penny Press Factory mk 4 machine version there. This is different in that there are 5 designs.

Machine and penny details: Each penny costs £1 to roll and has a solid border with the Intech Logo
1) ... Intech Building
2) ... Neutron and Atoms
3) ... Newton's cradle
4) ... Saturn
5) ... Science Centre and Planetarium

Machine details uploaded by David Miller

Machine 1