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Clovelly Tourist Information Centre Machine Locations > England

DEVON - Clovelly, England, EX39 5TA

Phone: 01237 431 781


The cobbled, traffic-free, high street of this world famous fishing village in North Devon, built into a cleft in a 400' high cliff, tumbles its way down past whitewashed cottages festooned with flowers to the tiny working port.
It is famous for its donkeys, which traditionally carry goods up the hill; sledges bring things down. There are links with Charles Kingsley, Turner, Dickens and the Spanish Armada.

The machine is in the Tourist Information centre. It is in the lower gift shop area before you go in to the village.

Machine and penny details: Each penny costs £1 to roll and has a solid border with Clovelly in text.
1) ... Two Donkey Heads
2) ... Donkey
3) ... View of Clovelly (from the top of the hill)
4) ... View of Clovelly (from the water)

Machine details uploaded by David Miller

3/9/2018 - The machine is now located on the upper floor of the gift shop, just inside the main entrance, on the right. RPC, West Malling, Kent.

Machine 1