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Anderton Boat Lift Machine Locations > England

Lift lane
CHESHIRE - Northwich, England, CW9 6FW

Phone: 01606 786777


3/30/13: New penny press is gone. Staff didn't know where it was and said it may not return.

Northwich, Cheshire The Anderton Boat Lift near the village of Anderton, Cheshire, in north-west of England provides a 50-foot (15.2 m) vertical link between two navigable waterways: the River Weaver and the Trent and Mersey Canal. Penny Press have sited a Penny Press Factory mk 4 machine version. It has been there since late summer. It is located in the building that houses the cafe, education unit and gift shop of the boat lift.
There is also a Heritage coin machine in the entrance. Cost £2.

Machine and penny details: Each penny costs £1 to roll and has a solid border with Anderton Boat Lift
1) ... Logo
2) ... Canal Boat
3) ... Boat Lift (head on)
4) ... Boat Lift (side view)

Machine details uploaded by David Miller .

Machine 1

Machine 2