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Blackpool Tower The Dungeons Machine Locations > England

Blackpool Tower, Promenade,
LANCASHIRE - Blackpool, England, FY1 4BJ

Phone: 01253 622 242


Blackpool Tower is an iconic structure on the North West coast, apparently it was modelled on the Eiffel Tower and was completed in 1894.
Merlin Entertainment (Madame Tussauds, Alton Towers, Warwick Castle) have taken over the management of the building and set about thoroughly modernising it. The old aquarium at the base of the building was closed, the fish being transferred to Sealife, in its place the North Wests own Dungeon.Based on the other attractions around the country and Europe depicts the violent history of the north west , including the infamous Pendle Witches .

There is a framed Pennymangle machine here. I think it maybe possible to access the machine with out paying. This is the first machine from Pennymangle that has an instructional video built in to the machine.
The pennies all have a ring border and The Blackpool Tower Dungeon in text. Each costs £1 plus the penny. The pennies roll very well, as usual, but the designs are all typical Merlin type.

The machine now in entrance foyer (not seafront entrance):
1) v. ... Rat
2) v. ... The Grim Reeper
3) v. ... Skull
4) h. ... The Blackpool Tower Dungeon (logo)

Collectors Note: With all Pennymangle Machines It is better to have the Queen's head against the design die, otherwise the 'tail' design could show in the 3d design

April 2018: machine now in entrance foyer (not seafront entrance) rolling well WK

Machine 1