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Shanklin Chine Machine Locations > England

Chine Hill
ISLE OF WIGHT - Shanklin, England, PO37 6BW

Phone: 01983 866432


Enjoy the unique tranquillity of Shanklin Chine, the Isle of Wight’s oldest tourist attraction, which first opened in 1817. This famous leafy gorge is much loved by poets, artists and writers. The winding woodland, with its steep sides is a magical place for rare plants, wildlife and enchanting waterfalls.
For 2011 in The Heritage Centre there is a fascinating exhibition Aviation and the Island. It tells the exciting story of the Island’s long association with flying and aircraft construction. It features the Islander aeroplane, famous for its ability of short take off and landing.

There is a contemporary machine from Penny Press near the entrance, it is a hybrid machine, the internal appear to be from PennyPress Profits, thus the designs have a solid ring border.

Machine details: All pennies cost £1, they all have a ring border and have the text Shanklin Chine, Isle of Wight.

1) ... Queen Victoria
2) ... Red Squirrel
3) ... Chin buildings
4) ... Logo

Location updated, David Miller,

Machine 1