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Leeds City Museum Machine Locations > England

Millennium Square
WEST YORKSHIRE - Leeds, England, LS2 8BH

Phone: 0113 224 3732


This machine has been removed. Some venues just don't come up to expectations. This one was in a good location too.

Visit Leeds City Museum and come face-to-face with the Leeds Tiger, step into 'Ancient Worlds' and see the final resting place of the Leeds Mummy and even dig for fossils in the 'Life on Earth' gallery.
Experience a world of discovery.. explore four floors of interactive and exciting galleries. Come face to face with the Leeds tiger, step into Ancient Worlds to meet Nesyamun, the Leeds mummy, and dig for fossils in the Life on Earth gallery.

There is a Penny Press machine located on the 2nd floor, outside the circular viewing balcony.

Machine details: All pennies cost £1, they all have a dotted border and have the text Leeds City Museum
Machine 1: Ground floor, main passageway.
1) ... Museum Buildings
2) ... Hieroglyphic
3) ... Logo
4) ... Tiger

Location updated, David Miller,

Retired Machine