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The Royal Armouries Museum, Machine Locations > England

Armouries Drive
WEST YORKSHIRE - Leeds, England, LS10 1LT

Phone: 0113 220 1999


The Royal Armouries is Britain’s National Museum of Arms and Armour. At the Leeds Museum there are over 8,500 objects on display in five galleries: War; Tournament; Oriental; Self Defence and Hunting.
Visit the newly refurbished Tournament Gallery and experience the might of the Henry VIII – King and sportsman.

There are two wooden cabinet Penny Press machines at the Armouries. They are located on the ground floor and in the 4th floor cafe.

Machine details: All pennies cost £1, they all have a dotted border and have the text Royal Armouries, Leeds

Machine 1: Ground floor, main passageway.
1) ... War Elephant
2) ... Hawk
3) ... Pistol
4) ... Armour, Helmet

Machine 2: located just outside the elevator on the fourth floor:
1) ... Armouries building
2) ... Crossbow
3) ...Head gear (Torture)
4) ...Knight on horseback

Location updated, David Miller,

May 23rd 2015 - Both machines rolled well. Machine two was located just outside the elevator on the fourth floor.

Machine 1

Machine 2